Welcome to Georgian Vibe, Helsinki’s authentic Georgian restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional &delicious home-made Georgian dishes. If you are searching for a different cuisine in Finland, and have never visited a Georgian restaurant, then Georgian vibe is the perfect choice. Our restaurant offers a stylish, but relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and traditional food prepared by Georgian chef. We offer a selection of Georgian wine- artisanal beer and spirits, including traditional Georgian Chacha -grapes vodka.

“Thank you for choosing our restaurant!”

"Do you want to know how would we characterise our country?
What is Georgian and only Georgian?
What kind of authentic Georgian food you should not forget while visiting us?
Georgian vibe welcomes you with its Magician chef ‘Lado’ to travel you to the sights of Georgia"

Lamb barbecue
‘lamb mtsvadi’

Mtsvadi is a traditional barbecue, very juicy and delicious. Georgia’s kakheti region is especially famous for preparing the most delicious barbecue in whole country.

Birthdays & Events

If you have a birthday or any event and don’t know where to celebrate, Georgian vibe is the best choice for you. You can rent the whole restaurant, or also we have separate cabinet for your company meetings. We also offer group menu. Feel free to contact us

360° “step in”

Feel free to investigate our restaurant before visit with 360° “step in” service

Our best dishes


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